My Pretend Rainy Day Playlist

The hot, dry weather has me daydreaming of a rainy day, so today I’m pretending it’s a rainy day. Here’s my Pretend Rainy Day Playlist. I could easily make a playlist for every different genre of music that I like. This one is just a mix. What’s on your rainy day playlist?

I am ready…

I absolutely love this song. Simple and haunting, it washes over me, saturating me with melancholy and bravado. Aural, spiritual, self-awareness that leaves me light-headed, with a quiet chuckle caught in my throat, and a very strong desire to walk barefoot on dewy grass. I am ready…I am fine. Video Details: Music Video Project at […]

My Wish “I Will” List for 2011

Here is my Wish “I Will” List for 2011, a list of personal goals through which I hope to grow just a little closer into becoming the woman God wants me to be, a list that I will revisit and revise as often as needed. (If you want the short version, skip to the end.) […]

For Adelaide

I was telling Mike this morning that birthdays are special for lots of reasons other than the obvious celebrating of a new life being born into this world. Matthew, by virtue of his conception and birth, made me a mother and Mike a father. Mike’s mom, dad, and step-mom became grandparents for the first time, […]

What does giving birth feel like?

Two weeks from today my Baby Girl will be born via a medically necessary cesarean section, just like my son was on December 21, 2007. As such, I’ve been reflecting on my first birthing experience, on what giving birth felt like. Here are my thoughts… For me, giving birth felt surreal. Most of the feelings […]

The Importance of Communication

So I’ve been thinking about communication (or a lack thereof) and wondering: Why is communication important? No doubt there are myriad answers to this question, but today, I will simply share this quote: I am convinced that men hate each other because they fear each other. They fear each other because they don’t know each […]

A Birthday Wish List

A birthday wish list for my precious son, who is one-year-old today: health, happiness, love, and wholeness. I love you, baby boy. Happy first birthday! Cavemama off to nurse her yearling.

“Where did you come from, baby dear?”

“Baby” is a lovely little poem by George Macdonald. I happened upon it while pregnant with my son, whose first birthday is tomorrow. I can barely remember life before my son came into being, before I knew he was growing inside of my womb. I feel he has been with me always, and I love […]