For Adelaide

I was telling Mike this morning that birthdays are special for lots of reasons other than the obvious celebrating of a new life being born into this world. Matthew, by virtue of his conception and birth, made me a mother and Mike a father. Mike’s mom, dad, and step-mom became grandparents for the first time, […]

A Birthday Wish List

A birthday wish list for my precious son, who is one-year-old today: health, happiness, love, and wholeness. I love you, baby boy. Happy first birthday! Cavemama off to nurse her yearling.

“Where did you come from, baby dear?”

“Baby” is a lovely little poem by George Macdonald. I happened upon it while pregnant with my son, whose first birthday is tomorrow. I can barely remember life before my son came into being, before I knew he was growing inside of my womb. I feel he has been with me always, and I love […]