Kitchen Science: Venturi, Bernoulli, & Strawberry-Banana Smoothies

Chefs Daddy and Matthew made us some yummy strawberry-banana smoothies this evening amid an interesting kitchen physics discussion that briefly (and lightly) touched upon such topics as the Venturi Effect, Bernoulli’s Principle, and vortexes. ROFLOL The smoothies were delicious, and Chef Matthew had a great time learning how to operate the blender.ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

2 More Reasons I Co-sleep

(1) Matthew snuggled up to me this morning. When he realized I was there, he said, “I love you, Mommy,” kissed my arm, and went right back to sleep.

(2) Moments later, Adelaide made her way to my pillow, nuzzled her sweet baby Adelaide cheek against mine, and laughed in her sleep. What a great way to start my day– with a full and happy heart!

She Who Nurses Dragons

Apparently one of Matthew’s toy dragons injured his foot yesterday. I’m guessing the culprit was a hard landing or something of that sort. Matthew told me about the dragon’s hurt foot when I noticed him trying to comfort it. Matthew then asked me to nurse the dragon: “Mommy, nurse dragon, pwease, pwease, pwease!” I lovingly obliged, and Matthew dutifully burped his dragon afterward.


P.S. Thanks for sending over the dinosaurs, Alys. Adelaide LOVES them, too!

Picture it…

Picture it…9:15 p.m.

Matthew: Snuggle, Mommy.

Me: Snuggle, Matthew.

Matthew: Blanket please, Mommy. (I gently place Matthew’s blanket over him.) Thank you, Mommy.

Me: You’re welcome, Matthew. I’m going to roll over and try to get sister to sleep, but you let me know if you need anything.

Matthew: Okay, Mommy.

(A few moments later…I sneeze.)

Matthew (in a very sleepy voice): Bless you, Mommy.

Me: Thank you, Matthew.

Matthew: You’re welcome. (Snore, snore, snore.)

…so sweet… ๐Ÿ™‚