Valentine’s Day

Heavenly Father, thank You for my beautiful family and for the love we have for one another. Thank You for loved ones near and far.

Thank You, God, for first loving us.

Thank you for all of our gifts and blessings. Please guide us in sharing them with others.

Please open our hearts, freeing us from all that hinders Love and casting out all that is not Love.

Please, Lord, fill us with Your Love and make us instruments of Your Love and Peace.


Picture it…

Picture it…9:15 p.m.

Matthew: Snuggle, Mommy.

Me: Snuggle, Matthew.

Matthew: Blanket please, Mommy. (I gently place Matthew’s blanket over him.) Thank you, Mommy.

Me: You’re welcome, Matthew. I’m going to roll over and try to get sister to sleep, but you let me know if you need anything.

Matthew: Okay, Mommy.

(A few moments later…I sneeze.)

Matthew (in a very sleepy voice): Bless you, Mommy.

Me: Thank you, Matthew.

Matthew: You’re welcome. (Snore, snore, snore.)

…so sweet… 🙂