Fortnight for Freedom

Tomorrow, June 21st, begins a two-week period that the US Bishops have called the “Fortnight for Freedom.” During this period there will be rallies, gatherings, and parish priests will be making homilies dedicated to understanding the issue of religious freedom that is currently under attack by the current administration. Just in case you haven’t heard, let me give you a quick synopsis: (more…)

HHS Mandate – Quesions the lay faithful can ask members of Congress

Over the past few weeks there has been a tremendous upheaval in the Catholic community in the United States. The HHS mandate that requires catholic institutions to violate their own teachings and morals has been codified in the federal register. In the face of this, all U.S. Bishops are united in the cause of its repeal. The strategy that the bishops are pursuing is to utilize the legislative branch of government to pass a law (H.R. 1179/S. 1467) to declare that the conscience rights of individuals and entities are protected, which would then make the mandate unenforceable. (more…)