What Jesus Wants

In case anyone’s wondering what’s on the mind of Jesus today, Matthew has informed me that Jesus wants Daddy to play with us in the playroom when gets home from work.

A Moment of Clarity

A moment of clarity courtesy of Matthew…

I’m changing Adelaide’s diaper while Matthew & I sing one rendition of The Poopy Song. Matthew breaks mid “cha-cha-cha-cha” to explain to his sister, in his most serious tone with his most serious facial expression, that “We don’t eat poopy because it’s DANGEROUS.”

Three Cheers for Her Big Brother!

Our kiddos certainly don’t want for praise, acknowledgment, or encouragement. I was feeding Adelaide her dinner while Mike and Matthew were whipping up some smoothies. (She had a late nap, and, consequently, a late dinner.) Whenever Matthew got a “good job,” “awesome work,” or “way to go,” Adelaide stopped eating to clap for her big brother. ๐Ÿ˜€

Where is Baby T’s Daddy?

We’re playing with magnetic letters and numbers. Matthew just asked about the small “t.” “What is it?” he asked, and I answered, “It’s a small letter “t.” Matthew replied, “Oh, it’s a baby t! Where is baby t’s daddy?”

We are ALL ready for Mike to be home! lol


August 11, 2010 at 12:02 p.m.

RDA. Random displays of affection. This is one of Matthew’s super powers.

I’m feeling pretty raw right now what with the lack of sleep & all, and no doubt it’s showing on my face & in my disposition. We’re sitting at the table having lunch when Matthew reaches over, takes my hand, and kisses it. Then he leans down and presses his little cheek against my hand, looks me in the eye, & tells me that he loves me. Then, without missing a beat, he went right back to munching. Thank you, Lord, for moments like this.

She Who Nurses Dragons

Apparently one of Matthew’s toy dragons injured his foot yesterday. I’m guessing the culprit was a hard landing or something of that sort. Matthew told me about the dragon’s hurt foot when I noticed him trying to comfort it. Matthew then asked me to nurse the dragon: “Mommy, nurse dragon, pwease, pwease, pwease!” I lovingly obliged, and Matthew dutifully burped his dragon afterward.


P.S. Thanks for sending over the dinosaurs, Alys. Adelaide LOVES them, too!