A call to action

It is quite true that Catholics in the United States, especially men, have become complacent. We have reaped the benefits of the sacrifices of both the saints and the founding fathers of our country. As such we have enjoyed a period of freedom, relative prosperity, and peace – free to practice our faith and to try to achieve economic success. In this atmosphere it is easy to become lazy and forget where we came from and the freedom is always an election away from oblivion. Our modern culture has assailed masculinity and somehow managed to convince men that they don’t matter – not to our children, our wives, or society. And many of us have accepted this diminished role by not following our church and not leading our families.

My fellow Catholic men, I say to you – THIS MUST END NOW.

In this life, the members of the Catholic Church are referred to as the “church militant.” The battle before us was not something we asked for – our current administration has decided to openly attack our Church and our faith. We must be men. We must take this opportunity to be militant. Remember, this is a fight not of this world (though it is happening in this world. It is about “powers and principalities,” where our weapons are prayer, peaceful public protest, and the ballot box.

This is the single most important religious battle that our Church will face in this country for the next hundred years. It will define for us and our posterity what religion, conscience, and freedom will mean in the United States. So what can you do? Try one of these –

  • Learn what the bishops are saying
  • Sign a petition – politicians care about votes, so let them know where you stand
  • Ask questions at a town hall – Respectful, but firm will help our cause
  • Tell your friends – do not afraid to be Catholic (God really wants you to live your faith)
  • I am calling all Catholic men to action. Regardless of where you are or have been in your faith, please take this Lent to stop and set yourself on a right course with God. Join in the good fight – God is on our side and we will prevail as long as good men do not sit idly by.