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A call to action

It is quite true that Catholics in the United States, especially men, have become complacent. We have reaped the benefits of the sacrifices of both the saints and the founding fathers of our country. Continue reading →

A Better Understanding of my Vocation

As 2011 draws to a close I am reviewing my thoughts on what this year brought to me and my family. I was out of work for about 7 months this year, which was in itself a blessing. I was able to spend time with my wife and children and get to interact with them in way that working fathers are not usually able. During my job search I prayed a few different novenas many times over, but one specific novena has changed my outlook on the place of work on my life. Continue reading →

Spring Project #1

My first project for the spring is to build 2 planter boxes. I got a late start on Saturday, but managed to complete the build of both 2 foot by 6 foot raised planters and fill one with dirt; unfortunately, I ran out of dirt before I could fill up the other, so I guess its back to Lowes after church!

I used 1×6’s for the sides supported in the corners by 2×4’s cut to 12 inches and a center 2×4 that’s parallel to the ground in order to provide lateral support. The dirt is a 50/50 mix of potting soil and compost, which is said to be perfect for vegetable gardens.

Pictures to follow.

A Return to Flight

For the last few months I haven’t had much of a chance to get in the air. The demands of being employed full-time, being a dad, and going to college have taken over my schedule.

However, yesterday I was able to get airborne again. I went up to Oklahoma City for the day. I had very nice trip – most things went as planned, but there was a little snag as my in flight weather from SiriusXM didn’t work correctly. I’m going to have to troubleshoot that soon and I’ll post about the process.

The other surprise was a nice one – my local airport now has a radar feed from the DFW regional air traffic control. Now they can “see” me, before they can actually see me. While it seems small, this will go a long way to improving safety.

Springtime Projects

Ah spring – it brings warmer temps and a strong desire to be outdoors. Of course, it also brings with a plethora of projects.

In addition to the usual lawn and landscape stuff, this year we’ve decided to make some upgrades to the backyard play structure for our kids and to add a vegetable garden.

I’ll be posting some of the vegetable garden project details here and in our new garden page.

The play structure plans and upgrades will be posted here for everyone to follow.

Welcome to the Hangar

Welcome to my hangar!

Many of you must be asking- “why a hangar?” I mean most guys have a garage, or a den, or the more current “man cave.” Well, if you know me the answer is quite clear Continue reading →